This ride offers a lovely combination of long Tarn river stretches and relatively challenging steep mountain sections. Perfect training route for the serious rider and too tough for the not-so-fit. Chateau de St Izaire at St Izaire is another one of the group of 23 castles in the Aveyron that make up the Route des Seigneurs du Rouergue and the St Affrique fresh produce market offers a great atmosphere every Saturday morning. It is advisable to turn around on the D999 and return before the final stretch into St Affrique town centre to avoid traffic. That is if you are not interested in stocking up on fresh Brebie cheeses and other delicacies for the return ride!



Mountain view of St Izaire and its Chateau             St Izaire                                                              St Affrique






















Terrain and Difficulty

Tarn River flat, Mountain (8/10)






Low Point









High Point









Refreshment Stops*

Brousse-Le-Chateau, St Izaire, St Affrique, Montclar, Coupiac



Tourist Interest

Brousse, Chateau de St Izaire, bridge and megaliths of St Affrique,  Chateau de Coupiac


* These include a mix of cafes and restaurants with basic to gourmet menus.