A short but relatively tough ride through forest and steep mountain roads to Martrin and then a long glorious downhill ride through forest to Coupiac.  Plentiful blackberries on the way up to Martin and then beautiful views of the Coupiac chateau on the downhill to Coupiac.  In July and August the morning market is open at Coupiac on Wednesdays with delicacies of the area on sale next to the café area.  



Forest road to Martrin                      Old church at Exupere en route               View of Coupiac from forest mountain road















Terrain and Difficulty

Mountain (5.5/10)




Low Point






High Point






Refreshment Stops*

Martrin, Coupiac




Tourist Interest

 Chateau de Coupiac


* These include a mix of cafes and restaurants with basic to gourmet menus.