Easy and beautiful start down to Trebas barrage and then along the Tarn towards Brousse until Lincou, then across the Lincou bridge and to the right, up the mountain forest road on the southern part of the Tarn to Plaisance. The ride back to Plaisance takes you above the Tarn and through forest roads and is quite long and steep but still only a 6/10 so doable even for the softies at their own pace! The refreshment stop at Lincou is at the old chateaux house, bar/restaurant at the edge of the Tarn, lovely simple garden setting. Remember to leave the D172 before the Lincou tunnel and take the path to the right to the old chateau house. This then takes you on to the Lincou bridge and onto your return route on the other side.



Road to Lincou, direction Brousse                                             Old chateau house at Lincou

















Terrain and Difficulty

Tarn, Mountain (6/10)




Low Point








High Point








Refreshment Stops*

Old house chateau at Lincou






Tourist Interest


Lincou Chateau





* These include a mix of cafes and restaurants with basic to gourmet menus.