This is a tough and very long ride, only for the fit. Perfect for training along long stretches of easy to medium difficulty mountain terrain but only after a tough 43 km climb of 900 metres (cumulative climb) from Plaisance to Lacaune. The scenery is unique and beautiful particularly as you ride downhill after Lacaune through the forests of the Parc National de Causse from Peux and then through the rougier countryside characterised by the strange and beautiful red purple colouring of its mountain sides after Camares. The ride also takes you to Sylvanes, the ancient monastery where classic and ancient music displays are presented throughout the summer and then past the Chateau Montaigut on the way to Montlaur. The Chateau is one of a group of 23 castles in the Aveyron that makes up the Route des Seigneurs du Rouergue.



Monastery at Sylvanes                                                           Road to Camares                                                                     Rougier mountain countryside    


Chateau Montaigut on way to Montlaur                         























Terrain and Difficulty

Mountain (8/10)








Low Point










High Point










Refreshment Stops

St Sernin, Lacaune, Camares, Sylvanes, Montlaur, Martrin, Coupiac



Tourist Interest

Abbaye de Sylvanes, Rougier de Camares, Chateau Montaigut de Gissac, Chateau de Coupiac