A long and tough ride, definitely not for softies. The climb from Plaisance to Lacaune is a cumulative approximate 900 meters over 42 kms, followed by a long but reasonably easy mountainous stretch of about 50 kms to and around the Raviege Lake and back to Lacaune. The lake area is beautiful and swimming in the cool clean water is possible at one of the few swimming beaches. La Salvetat Sur Agout at the end of the lake and at the return point, has, like Brousse, been classified as “One of the Most Beautiful Villages” in France. The last 43 kms from Lacaune are a mostly fast downhill to Plaisance!


Aerial view of Lake Raviege                                   Swimming beach at Lake Raviege                             La Salvetat Sur Agout on Lake Raviege


Kms   133.3
Terrain and Difficulty Mountain (8/10)
Low Point 258
High Point 964
Refreshment Stops* St Sernin, Lacaune
Tourist Interest Lacaune menhir statues, other Lacaune various, Lac De Raviege, La Salvetat Sur Agout