This is a compulsory all-day-out ride, and not just for softies. Perfect long training route on quiet flat river roads mostly along the Tarn for the very serious, but also stunning historic experiences at Brousse and Ambialet as well as swimming at Ambialet for the fit but less serious. A visit to the Brousse Chateau after a delicious cappuccino at the foot of the Romanesque bridge and then a lunchbox picnic at Ambialet accompanied by a crisply cool swim makes this an unforgettable ride which you may well want to repeat in the opposite direction during your stay.



Road to Brousse                                                  Arrive at Brousse                                                      Arrive at Ambialet

Swimming at Ambialet






Terrain and Difficulty


Tarn (6/10)

Low Point


High Point


Refreshment Stops*


Lincou Chateau, Brousse, Trebas, Ambialet

Tourist Interest

 Brousse Chateau, Franciscan Monastery, ruines de Chateau St Raphael and swimming at Ambialet