This is a relatively easy ride starting with a mostly downhill stretch to the Tarn and then along the Tarn river for most of the distance followed by a fairly gentle uphill through cool forest back to the Magnolias.  The stop at Brousse is a must even if just for a quick delicious cappuccino at the restaurant’s outdoor terrace at the foot of the Romanesque bridge.  A visit to the Chateau followed by lunch at the Relais de Chasteau makes this a favourite easy daytrip ride.


Road to Brousse-Le-Chateau                                Arrival at Brousse-Le-Chateau                                             Brousse-Le-Chateau


Kms   52.4      
Terrain and Difficulty Mountain, Tarn River flat (6/10)    
Low Point   213      
High Point   536      
Refreshment Stops* Lincou, Brousse-Le-Chateau, Trebas
Tourist Interest Chateau de Lincou, Brousse-Le-Chateau
* A mix of cafes and restaurants with basic to gourmet menus.