Another easy and simply beautiful ride all the way, 20 kilometers each way along the Tarn river and stunning cool forest roads. A bonus with this one is that Ambialet offers a perfect swimming opportunity beneath the main bridge at the cannoeing station. The water is clean and a crisp cool during the hottest summer days.


Road to Ambialet along Tarn                                                   Arrival at Ambialet                                                              Medieval Building at Ambialet   

Trebas from forest road


ROUTE SUMMARY                
Kms   40.8            
Terrain and Difficulty Tarn River flat (4/10)          
Low Point 211            
High Point 258            
Refreshment Stops* Ambialet, Trebas          
Tourist Interest Franciscan Monastery, ruines de Chateau St Raphael and swimming at Ambialet

* These include a mix of cafes and restaurants with basic to gourmet menus.