This ride is either a perfect long Tarn and mountain training route for the serious or a more relaxed full day ride incorporating a historic tourist stop at Albi and finally a swim at Ambialet on the way back to Plaisance. It starts with a long and pretty stretch to Albi along the south part of the Tarn after passing Ambialet and then a long but reasonably easy mountain ride on the return journey on the northern side of the Tarn down to Ambialet. Be careful riding through the long tunnel (approx. 800 m) just before St Juery (quite close to Albi), make sure you wear a reflective jacket and turn your head lamp on if you have one before you enter the tunnel! Alternatively leave the Tarn road before you reach the tunnel by staying on the D77 which takes you left and up the mountain to the D999, where you turn right and then straight to Albi. On the return trip, the view of Ambialet from the bench stop just after Cirge is breath-taking and a perfect water stop.


Kms 92.1
Terrain and Difficulty Tarn river flat, Mountain (7/10)
Low Point 174
High Point 419
Tourist Interest Franciscan Monastery in Ambialet, Albi cathedral, gardens and Lautrec museum, swimming at Ambialet